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Why You Shouldn't Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles

If you are like many drivers, you might faithfully take your car to the shop to get the oil changed every 3,000 miles. However, even though you might think that this is what you are supposed to do, it is no longer recommended to have your vehicle's oil changed this often. Here at Fairway Lincoln, we encourage you to check your car's maintenance schedule or talk to your dealer to determine how frequently you should have your oil changed instead.

The truth is that it can actually be a bad thing to change your oil this frequently…

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Is Four Wheel or All Wheel Drive Right for You?

In harsh driving conditions, getting to your destination can often seem like a dash to the finish line. Add kids and shopping trips to the scenario, and, it can seem like a nearly impossible task. Our staff at Fairway Lincoln is happy to announce that we have a huge selection of four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles to help take some stress out of the equation.

You may think of rugged terrain and snow when hearing about AWD or FWD. However, it has many more uses. Even on uneven pavement, it can improve the traction of your vehicle, resulting in better…

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An Affordable New Car Brings the Most Pleasure to the Owner

When the average individual decides to purchase a new car, they go to Fairway Lincoln and answer the questions detailing how much they can afford to spend. Many people will purchase the most expensive vehicle they have qualified for, as it’s difficult to turn down the most equipped or luxurious model. This would be fine if they included the overall costs of the vehicle. The first consideration is the car payment, and this must fit into the purchaser’s budget.

What often gets overlooked are the costs for insurance, maintenance repairs, insurance costs, and fuel costs.

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Come to Fairway Lincoln When Your Dashboard Warning Lights Come On

When the dashboard warning lights start to come on, it is time to get your vehicle to the nearest service station. The best place to go is Fairway of Savannah whenever any dashboard lights start to come on or flashing. We’re eager to help!

Dashboard warning lights come on for certain reasons. They represent parts of the vehicle that may be malfunctioning or certain parts that may be lacking in fluids. The most common of these dashboard warning lights is the check engine light. It is usually located in the lower right hand corner of the dashboard.

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What to Look For When Your Battery Starts Failing

Every car has a battery and for good reason. From powering your stereo and sounding your car alarm to starting your engine and running your wipers, a car's battery wears a lot of hats and is an incredibly important part of a vehicle. Unfortunately, with all the work your car's battery needs to do, it can get strained and degrade, eventually resulting in the failure of the battery. Fortunately, there are warning signs you can look for to let you know when it's time to change your battery.

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What Is GAP Insurance and Why Should You Get It?

Traditional insurance can save you a lot of money in the case of a bad accident. GAP insurance? It can save you even more.

Let's say you buy a new car and then promptly wreck it in a total loss accident. Traditional insurance would reimburse you for its fair market value, but nothing else. On a new car especially, your car loan will likely exceed the vehicle's value. You're then left having to pay off a car that's rusting in a scrap heap.

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Bigger is Definitely Better: The 2018 Lincoln Navigator

Tired of compact cars? Lincoln has your antidote. The 2017 Lincoln Navigator is currently one of the largest SUVs on the market, offering a roomy interior and powerful engine that are almost unmatched by its peers.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator will push itself even further. A full foot longer than its 2017 predecessor, the 2018 SUV will measure 221.9 inches long. What exactly does that get you? Wheelbases ten inches longer, 15 extra cubic feet of cargo space, and the comfort of an unparalleled interior.

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A Happier Dog with These Road Trip Tips

We love going on road trips in the summer and some of us have very fond memories of bringing the dog along on family trips when we were kids; if you plan on bringing your pooch along with you on a road trip this season, it's important to be prepared for all the right things and the women at POPSUGAR have the details you need! Check out a list of 6 tips below for some crucial doggy advice or, if you'd like a visual aid along with your tips, go look up their YouTube page.

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