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Come to Fairway Lincoln When Your Dashboard Warning Lights Come On

When the dashboard warning lights start to come on, it is time to get your vehicle to the nearest service station. The best place to go is Fairway of Savannah whenever any dashboard lights start to come on or flashing. We’re eager to help!

Dashboard warning lights come on for certain reasons. They represent parts of the vehicle that may be malfunctioning or certain parts that may be lacking in fluids. The most common of these dashboard warning lights is the check engine light. It is usually located in the lower right hand corner of the dashboard. This light will come on when there is some kind of general problem with the vehicle. When this comes on, it is imperative to go straight to a mechanic or auto shop. There are other dashboard warning lights such as check/low oil, low transmission fluid, low window washing fluid, and low steering fluid. These lights come on because there are sensors that tell the dashboard computer that there is something amiss.

Whenever any of the dashboard warning lights come on, the best thing to do is come to Fairway Lincoln and have a professional check to see exactly what the problem might be.

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