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Listen for a Leaking Exhaust

The exhaust system in your car consists of the manifold, catalytic converter, resonator, muffler, and finally the tailpipe. It is a complicated piping system, which removes deadly gases from the motor and disperses the gas into the air.

If any of the components begin to fail or leak the gas can move into the car cabin. The poisonous fumes do not have an odor. You will not be able to detect a leak by smell. You can catch leaks by sounds they make.

If you hear a high-pitched whistle or hissing sound coming from the tailpipe or motor, this could be a signal that the exhaust is leaking. An increase in backpressure is causing the noise.

Any engine noise or vibration needs to be checked out. If you hear any new sounds coming from the motor or car, make an appointment as soon as possible with Fairway Lincoln conveniently located in Savannah, GA.

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