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Why Headlights Should Always Be Replaced in Pairs

At Fairway Lincoln service department, customers often wonder why we recommend replacing both headlight bulbs on their vehicle when it's obvious that only one headlight bulb has burned out.

Headlight bulbs should always be replaced in pairs to support the equal integrity of headlight beams. By replacing only the malfunctioning bulb, you create uneven visibility, with one headlight dimmer than another. You don't want uneven headlights to lessen your visibility of the road ahead or worse yet, make your vehicle a distraction for other drivers in and around Savannah, GA.

Traveling at night or at times of the day when the light is restricted can make you lose as much as 50% of your visibility when driving. We're committed to making your car as safe as possible whether you're driving for business or pleasure. Enjoy peace of mind by making a headlight inspection appointment today with our friendly service advisor at 10101 Abercorn Street.


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